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Lodalite Garden Quartz A

Lodalite Garden Quartz A

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Lodolite is a clear quartz with inclusions of other minerals that usually come from the chloride group.  Quartz is known as the" Master Healer" of the crystal healing minerals. It is said to amplify all energy & emotions (even other crystals) and is thought to encourage clarity on all levels & stimulates all chakras (energy pathways) to open in the body. Clear Quartz is also said to be the most programable crystal, making it great for use with intention setting & manifesting.

Lodalite energetically is thought to connect you to cosmic consciousness and helps one get in touch with their crown chakra. This energy center is believed to help you access the spiritual realms, your higher-self and the oneness of the universe. 

This special crystal features many  layered inclusions and multiple crystal points, with a clear base. It is almost smokey in color in some lighting. It measures about 5 inches at its longest. Is a great size to hold in your hand during meditation or lay on the body. 

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