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Mojito On The Moon

Mojito On The Moon

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Cheers to Summer! This scrub is packed with the healing power of pure fruit essential oils & nourishing Dead Sea Salt that will make you feel like your spent the day at the beach, lathering on coconut oil under the Sun & drinking Mojitos until the Full Moon rises above you. 

Not only does it have 100% pure & optically cleaned Premium Dead Sea Salt harvested from the Dead Sea in Israel where the mineral content is the highest, it also has Organic Cane Sugar to naturally exfoliate, helping to soothe your skin. This blend will aid in restoring the balance of your skin’s natural oils, while protecting it from toxins, without clogging pores!

The Pure Essential Oils include: 

Lime & Key Lime, perfect for uplifting your mood & known to provide relief from skin irritations, especially for insect bites (hello summer).

Grapefruit, also super uplifting, helps to keep your skin clean with its natural antiseptic properties. Not only does it stimulate your brain but it is also known to stimulate the lymphatic, circulatory, and excretory systems. 

Mandarin, its sweet smell will float your mind away to a far off place of pure relaxation, all the while promoting the growth of new cells & tissues on your body.

Spearmint, a perfect cooling & calming oil, known to help relax muscles as well as nerves in the body, also another great antiseptic oil.  

** Citrus Essential Oils may cause your skin to be more sensitive in the sun! Use with caution before sun exposure. It is great for after sunshine, will help you to not peel!  

Ingredients:  Organic Cane Sugar, Pure Dead Sea Salt, Organic Coconut Oil, Pure Non-GMO Grapeseed Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% Pure Vitamin E Oil, 100% Pure Essential Oils of Lime, Key Lime, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Spearmint & Love!

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