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Moonstone Goddess Earring Set - Preorder

Moonstone Goddess Earring Set - Preorder

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Moonstone is a feldspar mineral said to be connected to the divine feminine. It's believed to be a stone for unlocking your intrinsic psychic knowledge, a calming & caring stone that connects you to all that is. It’s thought to help you access the all knowing mother energy & helps you materialize the manifestations you see in your minds eye. For centuries it has been used as a stone for fertility & women's health.

These high quality moonstone are from India, where they were ethically mined from a 4th generation owned family mine. They were made into these pieces of wearable magic by my mother and sister. They are posted on 925 sterling silver or gold filled (not gold plated! - they will not flake or discolor)

Please note they are each unique and range in size and shape but photos are a great example of what you will receive, they are all left raw and have been matched up as sisters not twins, they will appear to flash when the light strikes them at the right angle! Each set includes a matching pair of crescent moon earrings! Completely with a lovely jewelry box  - perfect for gifting! 

This is a preorder item as we are making it on demand for you. It will ship out in about 2+ weeks. If you do have other items in your order, please know we wait for your order to ship in its entirety. If you do not want to wait on the other items, consider placing separate orders! 

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