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Moonstone Ring

Moonstone Ring

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Moonstone is a feldspar mineral said to be connected to the divine feminine. It's believed to be a stone for unlocking your intrinsic psychic knowledge, a calming & caring stone that connects you to all that is. It’s thought to help you access the all knowing mother energy & helps you materialize the manifestations you see in your minds eye. For centuries it has been used as a stone for fertility & women's health.

These moonstone rings are from India, where they were ethically mined, cut & shaped, and made into these pieces of wearable magic. They are set in 925 sterling silver and all have an incredible flash, mostly leaning blue in color. YES the gorgeous blue ring box is included with your ring, so it always has a safe + cozy place to stay when you aren't wearing it. We suggest removing it before going in water and please remember moonstone is a softer mineral at 6-6.5 on the moh's hardness scale. 

Please check your rings size before purchasing! We may not be able to offer you an exchange due to stock + prep order. You will be responsible for all shipping costs on exchanges / returns. 

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