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Moonstone Triangle Necklace - preorder

Moonstone Triangle Necklace - preorder

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Moonstone is connected to the divine feminine. It's believed to be a stone for unlocking your intrinsic psychic knowledge, a calming & caring stone that connects you to all that is. It’s thought to help you access the all knowing mother energy & helps you materialize the manifestations you see in your minds eye. For centuries it has been used as a stone for fertility & women's health. 

These necklaces were handmade by my own mama, Carol, of For The Love of Violet and my sister Jen @spacedbandit. You can pick from Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Filled, featuring one matching bead on a chain measuring 28 inches.  Please note that each one is incredibly unique, with their own flash & beauty, they have been cut into a triangle shape and faceted. There are only 4 of these stones available to be made into a necklace :) 

There is one sterling silver in stock ready to ship! 

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