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Mystery Crystal

Mystery Crystal

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Do you like to be surprised?! Then this is for YOU!

You will be sent a crystal completely sight unseen, let the universe pick for you. Choose the value, with options of $22,$33, or $44. Most of these beautiful stones and minerals are left over stock from items we have listed in the past on the site, and some have never made it to the website. Many are at an incredible value! We are clearing stock right now to make way for more magical gems. Please note size of a crystals is not necessarily indicative to pricing - rarity and quality of a mineral is also considered. 

Each one will come with a small card with the name of the mineral and the location where it is from. As always, we only source ethically mined stones and work either directly with the mines or with importers who we trust. Feel free to reach out to learn more about what you receive if you are unfamiliar with it.

There are no returns. If you receive something you already have or do not vibe with what you receive, gift it to someone you love who could use the energy!  (photo is just a small portion of what we have up for grabs) 

Feel free to leave an order note at check out with special requests of energy you are calling in for the year ahead, I will do my best to send a crystal that matches! 

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