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Natural Agate Slice

Natural Agate Slice

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Agate, also called banded chalcedony, is a mineral belonging to the quartz family - sharing the hardness of 7. Agates were first recorded and named in Italy from the river Achetes in Sicily. They were used by many civilizations including Neolithic people & Egyptians, as early as 3,000 BC. They have also been used in jewelry in ancient India, and Germany from 15th-19th century. Crystal healers believe that agates help stabilize energy. 

This agate slice is from the earth in Brazil. I tried to show photos of both in the sun and the shade, as the light does change the appearance dramatically. A great size for a little charging plate for other crystals or jewelry  - and some people like to use them as coasters, I prefer to have them on a stand to let the light shine through them. Although they are a 7 on the hardness scale, be careful with other hard crystals that can scratch the surfaces. It weighs 6oz and measures about 7x5 inches and .25 inches thick. 

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