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Natural Raw Ruby (A-H)

Natural Raw Ruby (A-H)

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Raw Ruby is a gemstone believed to open up your heart, associated with loving energy, and thought to activate the kundalini energy. Ruby is the red variety of the mineral CorundumI. It is also the birthstone for the month of July. When under UV light it glows BRIGHT hot pink. (See last photo.)

They are in their natural, beautiful form, straight from the earth in Mozambique,  They have not been cut nor polished, purchased at a show in the United States, directly from the man that pulled them out of the earth, dirt and all!  Their fullest form is a hexagon shape, you can see A and E both are almost in perfect hexagon shape. 

They are photographed A - H, please see photos, top to bottom They are priced by weight + quality.  

They range in size from about 1.5-2.25 inches inches. If you add a small amount of mineral oil it could really bring out their color. 

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