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Oregon Obsidian - Self Mined - Small A,B,C

Oregon Obsidian - Self Mined - Small A,B,C

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Obsidian is a naturally formed glass produced by volcanoes when the lava, which was rich in silica, had rapidly cooled. I like to believe that is why it is so grounding as it used to be so deep in the earth. It is known by energy healers as a stone for protection & cleansing and is thought to help release negative energy in your body as well as your energetic field (or aura.)  In the Aztec culture, it is called Itztli or the divine stone & is under the power of the god Tezcatlipoca or Smoking Mirror. He is the Lord of the Night, the god of the nocturnal sky & known as the embodiment of change through conflict.

At the end of May we traveled to Oregon to find Obsidian. We found so many different varieties. These are mohogony and B is leapord. Please make a selection A-C top to bottom. 


Obsidian is very sharp in its raw form. Please handle with care. 


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