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Rainbow Rug - preorder

Rainbow Rug - preorder

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Brighten up your favorite space with this joyful rainbow rug! With 7 bright colors in order of the chakras, it is like an aura beam from dense energy to lighter energy. Since the beginning of time many cultures have regarded rainbows as symbols of hope. In ancient Greek mythology, Iris is the goddess of the rainbow, connecting people to the gods. In the Bible, the rainbow was a sign from God to Noah that the great flood was over. In Hawaiian mythology, the rainbow is a symbol of transformation and a pathway between Earth and Heaven. And we all know that special feeling in our days when a rainbow appears! 

Made of recycled 100% eco cotton yarn it is super soft and has an extra rug padding attached that is non slip! Measures about 29 X 14 inches - perfect for a doorway or little nook of your house. It was carefully tufted by yours truly, using the highest quality of materials to last for years.  Think of caring for it the same way you would a large area rug - Spot clean with a gentle detergent, dab / blotting instead of rubbing, use a rug shampoo machine if needed! 


this is a preorder item made to order for you taking about 3+ weeks. Please reach out with questions via our chat box! 

If you would like a custom version of this rug - larger size, a circle, etc. please let me know by reaching out with the chat box! 

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