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Raw Rose Quartz

Raw Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz is a form of quartz, silicon dioxide, with natural color attributed to microscopic inclusions of a pink variety of the mineral dumortierite, abundant enough to make the rose quartz translucent instead of transparent. Many call it the stone of eternal & unconditional love. It is said to help remove negative energies in the body in order to reinstate the energy of love & self-love. Energy healers believe it does particularly well when placed on or around the heart chakra to help clear the body of ego-driven patterns. It's believed to open your heart in order to easily give or receive love & compassion. 

These beautiful natural & unique raw chunks are from Madagascar- purchased from a small family owned + operated mine!

Now with 5 sizes to choose from!

Small weighs an average of ~ 7-9.9oz 

Medium weighs an average of 10-11.9oz 

Large weighs an average of 12 - 15.9oz 

XL weighs an average of 1lb  - 1lb 15oz

XXL - last photo- weighs 2lb 1oz- 2lb 10oz 

*each one is completely unique feature a range of colors & shades of pink, some do have speckles iron (orange) hues, some edges are sharp -  these are straight from the earth! 

All shapes vary, these are natural not cut nor polished :) Each one is extremely unique in its pink hue & own shape - it is all beautiful more translucent Raw Rose Quartz as it is from Madagascar! 

Medium is the size photographed by itself in hand, The rest of the images are of the large. Photo of all three in hand are small, medium, large example sizes. 

**We are intuitively picking your piece of Raw Rose Quartz for you, however, please do leave in the order notes if you are wanting a specific hue, ie. lighter, darker pink, more lavender etc. We will try our very best to accommodate! 

Information provided about crystals are for information purposes only & is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please speak with a medical professional if you have a medical issue, need medical treatment, or need medical advice.

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