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Saturn Rug

Saturn Rug

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Handmade by yours truly, this Saturn rug pays homage to the planet of time, structure, order and mastery!  It speaks about your karma &  your life lesson - what you’re here to learn + the work you’re here to do, and everyone experiences their Saturn Return when the planet goes back into the constellations where it was when you were born, every 27-29.5 years.

 It is made of ethically sourced 100% New Zealand wool is super durable. Wool is also antimicrobial making it great for the bathroom!  It measures 37inches wide and 19 inches tall. It has a nonslip padding for extra comfort! 

For care treat it like you would an area rug - vacuum lightly and spot clean or use a rug shampooer. For the longevity of a handmade rug, place out of a high traffic are where people walk with shoes on. 

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