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Scolecite Palm Stone

Scolecite Palm Stone

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Scolecite is the beautiful white crystal that usually grows in a delicate spray formation. It is a part of the Zeolite family. Known to be a stone of inner peace and is said to be a gentle cleanser of the upper chakras. Also thought to be a good stone for sleep & deep meditations. This is a softer stone, please handle with care and avoid getting it wet!

These Scolecite palm stones are from India, where they were ethically mined and polished into this shape, perfect for holding or placing on your body during meditation.

Pick from larger or smaller. Larger palm stones are 100-120 grams while smaller are 80- 99 grams. They range from 2.25-2.75 inches. Make a selection and an example photo will populate. Each one is incredibly unique with a lot of variation. We will be making an intuitive selection for you, photos are an example of what you will receive! 

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